SEO is Dead

I had a friend recently write asking why Google wasn’t more into his stuff even after he performed a slew of SEO tricks, and so I did a little thinking. I concluded that SEO is dead. He shouldn’t be worried about getting Google interested in his stuff. Google is just trying to reflect the opinion of the masses. He should be trying to get people interested in his content. Start with people you know, then expand to others.

That’s when I decided that SEO is so Web 1.0. In it’s place is a new form of optimization I like to call Content Optimization. That’s Web 2.0. It’s about taking your content (in any media) and optimizing it so it reaches the largest audience of any type, whether it’s bloggers, the press, normal people, or even search engines.

Here’s three rules for Content Optimization on the web:

  1. People still buy paper-based books
    But why? The paper-based book has to be one of the least optimized forms of content. It has no markup. It’s not accesible no matter what browser you use, and you even have to go out of your way to a specialized store to pick it up. The answer is simple. People buy books because the content is worthwhile. They’re interested in it enought to out and get it. So, that’s the first place to start. Look at the content you’re producing. Make it better. Try to match it up with people who may be interested. Start with family and friends. You can pressure them more easily.
  2. Markup like a Texas cowboy, quick and to the point
    The less the better, but like vegetables you need a good variety of the right stuff: H1, H2, H3, STRONG, EM, A, P, UL, OL, and so forth. Markup should help describe your content and as quickly as possible. These tags do. Avoid TABLE, TR, TD, tags. Those are used for raw tabular data. Think Geology and Calculus. Think sleeping students. Think boring your visitors away.
  3. Cut out the fat
    Take a look at your website and try to find anything that could not be there. Now get rid of it. Anything that might serve a purpose probably doesn’t. The less, the better. The less, the more important the things that stay are. Everyone strives for an impressive website. Think about this, the more your website impresses, the less time your audience has to see your content. Would you rather your audience read about your engagement or stare at floating circle navigation buttons and a spinning logo/header? There’s a reason whey so many big sites look like shit, because it doesn’t matter and may even be better. Do more people shop at that fancy boutique down the street or Wal-mart?

So, Eric, don’t worry about Google. It’s like the popular kids at school who go where everyone else is going. Instead engage people like me into a conversation and get them to look at your site and link to it. Hey, everyone, check out Eric Veren’s website. He wants to know what you think. Did you know that he got engaged? He’s also a big Auburn Footbal fan. See that’s easy.

9 Responses to “SEO is Dead”

  1. Joshua J. Steimle Says:

    I don’t think search engines or SEO is dead, nor should it be ignored, at least not by any business that has made money off of SEO in the past. The fact of the matter is that today, tomorrow, and–barring any major shakeup–for years to come SEO will continue to make money for businesses, and as long as businesses can make money through SEO why should they ignore it?

    One of my clients has tripled his revenues since December due to SEO. My own business has been able to replace having a full-time bizdev guy because of SEO. That doesn’t mean things aren’t changing, but from my perspective they haven’t changed nor will they have changed two or three years from now enough to justify ignoring it.

  2. Nicholas Roussos Says:

    To be honest, much of what I hear companies referring to as SEO I would call search engine advertising. A completely different beast.

    I’m not saying that search engine traffic is dead. I’m just saying how you go about getting it has changed. It’s no longer SEO but a broader task of Content Optimization.

  3. eze Says:

    nice examples… the only area I’m concerned about driving traffic to is the auburn football section. There, i just gave myself another link. Awesome.

  4. Nicholas Roussos Says:

    Unfortunately, the context of the link is a discussion about SEO not Auburn Football. Well, I just mentioned your keyword again but stil, I don’t know how much that helps.

    You should be mentioning the page is places were your keywords are the main topic.

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  7. Ghayoor Abbas Shaikh Says:

    {…}I have gone through the SEJ post and I concluded from my point of view that each time SEO is just becoming Special. It is not fatal no body can kill the SEO.

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